Nintendo considering parental lock for 3DS

Child play time management system under consideration

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said Nintendo is paying careful consideration to helping parents manage their children's play time, and is considering implementing a system into the 3DS.

The Wii records the amount of time played, which can be viewed at any time. Iwata says either that, or a more advanced system, could be built into the 3DS.

"Nintendo once seriously considered adopting a function which would force games to stop mandatorily, to prevent children from playing the game, at the time that parents had previously decided," said Iwata during a shareholders Q&A.

"However, we also considered how the players would feel if the game suddenly stopped during an exciting part. We finally determined to integrate a function to record the playing time instead of making the game shut down."

He went on: "Unfortunately, Nintendo DS does not have such function because it was developed two years earlier than Wii, but in the case of Nintendo 3DS, we are contemplating incorporating some kind of system. Whether it will be similar to the one for Wii or we may add something more has not been decided, and I have nothing concrete that I can share with you today. However, Nintendo is seriously considering such measures - probably the most earnestly in this industry."