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How will Nintendo show off 3DS' stereoscopic tricks?

Nintendo eager to show off 3DS effects to gamers

The commonly-said phrase 'screenshots don't do it justice' never applied more than to the stereoscopic trickery of 3DS. There's just no way to show you its trickery on your 2D monitor/TV or in a magazine. So Nintendo plans to show you the console in the flesh.

That's according to Iwata, discussing PR and marketing strategies during a recent shareholders Q&A. "Taking the example of Nintendo 3DS, it would be difficult to promote the attractions of 3D play without the need for any special glasses through TV, newspapers or magazines," he said.

"We therefore are thinking of letting people experience Nintendo 3DS in various places at the time of its launch," added Iwata.

In the meantime, it would be fricking awesome if Nintendo would release screenshots and videos that took advantage of cross-eyed 3D - a technique that lets you see full stereoscopic 3D on a standard 2D display or even in a magazine (as in the video below). Full-screen the below video (720p it for the best results) and try it yourself. It takes practice, but after five-or-so minutes you should be able to do it at will. It really works, and could work for 3DS screens and videos, too.

If you're having trouble, cross your eyes so that you see four of the black dots at the bottom of the video then try to bring to two middle two together so that there are, essentially, three (you can do this with the video paused). Hold that point and try to gain full focus. Once focused, look around and you'll see in full stereoscopic 3D.