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XBLA, PSN 'perfect for risky games' - Dust dev

Project Dust dev says digi downloads offer more freedom

Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network are the perfect platforms for developers to let their creative juices flow, according to Project Dust creator, Eric Chahi.

Referring to the decision to go digital download on his upcoming title, Chahi said, "I think it's the perfect platform for this kind of game that's not really mainstream.

"There's no distribution or retail to worry about - no manufacture or production costs, so it's less risky for a publisher to sign an original game."

Not only are games cheaper to make for digital download but a lower retail price means that they can reach a wider audience, adds the Dust man.

Recent indie hits Limbo and PSN's Joe Danger would make him right.

The first Project Dust trailer was released by Ubisoft back in June. The game is still a bit of an unknown entity at the moment, but certainly one to look out for.