Uncharted movie heads to purgatory

Potential director drops out of negotiations

Despite being cream of the gaming crop and seemingly perfect for Hollywood, Negotiations for an Uncharted movie director have failed, leaving the project in limbo.

The movie adaptation of Sony's critically acclaimed title was to be helmed by I Love Huckabees and Three Kings writer, David. O. Russell.

However negotiations didn't go too well and an agreement could not be made, leaving the Uncharted movie without a director.

Sony originally aimed to have the Uncharted movie released by summer 2011, but this hurdle will almost certainly put an end to those plans.

The good news is that Sony hasn't said that the project has been canned, its just been hit with a few delays.

Fortunately, Naughty Dog has said this morning that it would 'love to make more' Uncharted content, and even expressed the desire to expand onto other platforms.

[ SOURCE: LA Times ]