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Naughty Dog: 'Most developers get game acting wrong'

Mo-capping whole scenes is key to drama

Naughty Dog have shared the secret behind making sure Uncharted cut-scenes kept the drama locked in.

The key is to motion-capture the whole scene rather than have actors reading from scripts. It sounds obvious, but creative director Amy Hennig says it's not common in the industry.

"Any actor will tell you that acting is reacting," Hennig said in a newly-published book on developing Uncharted 2.

"So it's ironic that in most game productions, the actors are performing alone in the recording studio without any real context, and without the other actors to play off of."

For Uncharted 2 playing out the scenes properly made the difference according to Henning:

"It's really much more like a theatrical or on-camera performance in that way; it's sort of like going back to the actors' roots and doing 'black box theater'."

"We're telling a character-driven story, capturing the emotional authenticity of the actors' performance is key," she explained.

Perhaps ironically it was reported earlier today that the prospect of an Uncharted movie, which hopefully wouldn't just have actors reading from scripts, is in jeopardy after negotiations to get a director on board failed.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]