Microsoft wins Xbox Live lawsuit

Judge rules that service doesn't infringe on multiplayer-related patent

Microsoft has won a multiplayer gaming patent lawsuit launched way back in 2004.

Plaintiffs filed legal action against Microsoft and Sony because they felt that Xbox Live and PlayStation Network infringed on a 1994 patent titled 'Apparatus and method for electrically connecting remotely located video games', Gamasutra reports.

The patent in question referred to an invention allowing "two or more players playing the same video game to compete with each other without using the same physical video game which alleviates the necessity of proximity of the players".

The plaintiffs were seeking royalties and an injunction against the continued use of the platform holders' online services, but, taking issue with the term "electrical connection", a US District Court judge ruled that they'd receive nothing and have to pay Microsoft's legal fees.

Sony will no doubt be kicking itself, having opted to settle with the plaintiff out of court in April 2009.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]