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Bungie ready for PS4, Xbox 720

Studio prepares new franchise to "span multiple hardware generations"

Bungie is creating its new, post-Halo action series with the next generation of consoles front of mind.

Speaking to CVG, Bungie community director Brian Jarrard admitted that the firm's Activision-published action series is being "planned, engineered and designed" to potentially appear on Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

"I don't know if developers aren't 'ready' to kick off a new generation of hardware, but not knowing exactly when that shift will happen is definitely challenging as you begin mapping out a future title," said Jarrard.


"Our next project after Reach has to be planned, engineered and designed to potentially span multiple hardware generations considering we are working on a decade's worth of storytelling and game experiences."

Despite admitting that this year's Halo: Reach pushes Xbox 360 to its limit, the Bungie man still believes that ever-improving 360 games will continue to hit the market in future.

He added: "Look at the difference between Reach and Halo 3 - the hardware hasn't changed at all; our team just found better and more efficient ways to accomplish things.

"The sheer technical limits may be nearly tapped but that isn't to say that great, innovative game experiences aren't still on the way for this generation of consoles. Technology and horsepower will always only be part of the formula for building a fun, entertaining, lasting game title."

Earlier today Bungie revealed the Halo 2 map remakes set to appear in Reach's multiplayer mode.