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Naughty Dog: We can get more out of PS3

Uncharted 3 will push Sony's system even further, is seems

Naughty Dog believes that it can push PS3's technology further than it ever has done before with Uncharted 3.

Earlier this year, Guerrilla claimed it was using 100 per cent of PS3's power with Killzone 3 - but it seems its fellow Sony-owned studio could yet go one better.

When asked how much more ND could 'get out of the system' through engine refinement, the firm's community strategist Arne Meyer said there were a "good number" of things it can do via engine improvement.

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Meyer told PlayStation University: "It's very clear to us that there are still more ways we can optimize our engine and introduce new technology innovations.

"There are still engine-related projects that some of our programmers didn't get around to working on or implementing [on Uncharted 2]. There's definitely a good number of ways left for us to make really cool things happen on the engine level."

Naughty Dog has said it won't put 3D or Move support into Uncharted 3 unless it suits the story of the game.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation University ]