Crytek's Kingdoms 'nothing like God Of War'

Studio's 360 exclusive is 20 per cent complete

When Crytek showed off Xbox 360 exclusive Project: Kingdoms at E3 in June, the bloodied, statuesque hero and his fearsome glare were a little reminiscent of a certain Sony Santa Monica classic.

However the German developer has set the record straight - telling CVG that Kingdoms is "nothing like" the God Of War series.

Crytek boss Cervat Yerli revealed that the studio has completed around one-fifth of development on the game - and said it's "quite different" to anything the firm's previously created.

"I think [GoW comparisons] are quite off the mark at that point," he said. "It won't be anything like God of War for sure."

He added: "We're like 20 per cent complete. It's very, very early days. We're experimenting a lot with it; we're trying a lot of cool ideas.

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"We know what we want to do with the game and the concept of what makes this game unique has improved and now we're trying new things around this. I think people will be quite surprised with what this game is about because it's quite different from what we have done in the past."

Kingdoms was the only non-Kinect 360 exclusive announced by Microsoft at E3.

Yerli has also revealed to CVG that Crytek has discussed making a PS3 exclusive with Sony in the past.

Meanwhile, EA announced earlier this week that the release of Crytek's gorgeous-looking FPS Crysis 2 has been delayed until the first three months of 2011.