Blizzard deleting 'inappropriate' StarCraft maps

All user created maps are being reviewed

Blizzard has begun to remove user-created maps that it deems to contain "inappropriate" content.

In a post on the official Starcraft 2 forums, Blizzard community manager Lylirra explained that published maps are subject to a review process to "ensure that they promote a fun and safe environment for all players".

Maps that are found to contain inappropriate content are "removed from and the map maker will be contacted via email."

When asked why it's adopting this method of moderation when the original Starcraft wasn't subject to a similar system, community manager Bashiok said "Because we can. Literally."

"We have a support department now of size and ability to enforce these types of things. It simply wasn't possible when our in-game support used to consist of approximately 20 technical support agents.

"We're working on improving our processes to ensure the map maker has more information on why their map was removed, right now it is a bit vague and has obviously led to this misunderstanding" said Bashiok.

Blizzard's support page features a detailed 'Inappropriate Content Policy Overview', which defines what content it considers to be inappropriate and the procedure followed in dealing with such content.

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