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Kinect lag is game's fault, not hardware - Blitz

Lag is problem with programming choices says CTO

Any lag you might see when using Kinect is the result of software and programming choices, not a limitation in the hardware itself.

That's according to the Chief Technology Officer at Blitz Games Andrew Oliver, who says that, as with a new console, it's just a matter of time before developers get to grips with Kinect and guarentee lag-free gaming.

"There are various technologies involved. Some people are using a skeletal system, and it takes a little bit of time to calculate. It's only a split second," Oliver explained.

"We're actually using a different masking system, which can tighten things up."

"I have seen a few games with a bit of lag, but that is the software choice of the creators," he continued.

"They've programmed it a certain way, and they'll come up with new techniques. There doesn't need to be a lag. We can get it down to maybe two frames behind, which is pretty insignificant; you won't notice. We're just learning new tricks. Ours is pretty tight."

In the same way that developers are constantly learning how to squeeze a little bit more juice out of the PS3 and 360, then Oliver reckons that the first wave of Kinect software "will look like nothing compared to second and third generation."

Kinect lag seems to be becoming less and less of an issue already. Our own Tim Ingham had some dance time with the motion control and found it to be "frighteningly accurate and shockingly responsive".

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]