Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Ninja Theory on DLC, sequels and tax breaks...

Tameem Antoniades is a nice chap. Wielding a giant suitcase and clearly in the midst of game demo-ing travel madness, the Ninja Theory boss kindly wheeled into our office to show off his latest, the very lovely Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

Hot in development at the Heavenly Sword studio, the gorgeous action adventure boasts the writing talent of 28 Days later scribe, Alex Garland and Gollum himself, Andy Serkis. It also looks fantastic.

We managed to go hands-on with Odyssey to the West and also see some of its later stages, and It's no surprise that we've got high expectations for the epic adventure.


After our play session Antoniades listened to our queries. Here's what he had to say...

So far all we've seen are city sections. Can you elaborate on the stuff you do post-New York?

Yeah, I don't know how much without giving stuff away about the story but the deal is you take her home and she'll set you free, and so you do take her home. You go out of New York, you get out to the village and stuff and she breaks the deal with you, for an unmentionable reason, and you end up having to go out further West. You will come across another character, Pigsy, and he's another human, who lives in a type of graveyard. He's like a sniper, a scrap-metal engineer type specialist; he's a bit of a perv.

But then he joins you from the mid-point of the game right up to the end, becomes your ally and then it changes again because now you've got three people, it becomes much more humorous, he's a good character.

We take it you're not going to end the game on a cliffhanger then?

Yeah. Alex [Garland] always says, treat every project like your last - don't leave anything open, just close it all off, finish the story and if you ever do a sequel, you always find a way to do that.

I know you guys have a massive focus on story now, restructuring so everything goes through that avenue. How much do you know about where you are going to go with the series in future games? Do you have a story arch?

No, for this game this is the one story, focus everything on that one story, pretend there won't be a sequel. Just focus on that one thing so no, we don't have a big arc.

Is that more about not holding anything back?

Yeah, just put every cool idea and concept you can into that first game. If there is going to be a sequel then you can probably think there will be two sequels and you can start planning that. We did Kung-Fu Chaos and there was no sequel for that. Heavenly Sword, there was no sequel for that. So we're now in the mindset that there's not going to be a sequel for this unless it's miraculously successful. Well not miraculously, but we don't assume it's going to be successful.


Do you think that could be a problem; having not put in any previous planning for sequels?

No I don't think it will, the journey is like in the books, it's a seven year journey and covers, I don't know how many chapters, each chapter could be a movie, like forty to fifty different chapters and each one of them could be a movie. There is ways to extend it out, I'm not worried about that, but I just didn't want to leave anything hanging - I hate that.

We take it there are no plans for 3D?

No, the technology is still early. We'd like to try out some 3D and see how it is but the game wasn't planned to be 3D at all.

A lot of companies have said they might go back to their games and add 3D in a patch, do you think that is possible?

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