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How Valve will change PS3

And why they're the most exciting, vital developer in the world today...

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Speculatively, we could also see some form of integration with Valve's Steam service. With 25-million users, the platform distributes games but also acts as a gaming service, allowing friends, achievements and customisation as PSN does. It's unlikely that Sony would let PS3 games be sold via Steam, but there's a possibility for service crossover, with PC and PS3 users playing against or with each other. "Since we launched Steam in 2004, our view has changed to entertainment as a service", adds Lombardi, "Having Steamworks on PS3 means we get to extend that type of ongoing service to the console audience for the first time."

Valve's commitment to PS3 is clear, and while they're loathe to reveal their hand - yet - the prospects are thrilling.

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