Kinect is 'the future' - Ubisoft

French developer a big fan of hands-free gaming

Kinect's controller-free approach is "the future" of gaming, reckons Ubisoft's internal "Kinect expert" Frederic Blais.

Speaking to Xbox World 360 Magazine, Blais said that motion controllers such as the Wii remote are just "the first step" towards a complete hands-free solution.

"I think [the future is] all about having no controller in your hands," he told XBW. "The Wii was obviously the first step in that direction - a controller that looks like a remote control - but I think the future is about having a complete hands-free solution for the living room.

"At Microsoft's conference they showed us how it could control movies and music and be used to chat to people all around the world. That's where I'm seeing it utilised going forward - fitness, dance, entertainment, communication - all without anything in your hands."

In the same interview Blais claimed that Kinect uses "less than 15" of the 360's power. "We could apply Kinect to an action game and still put the same kind of action on screen," he said.

He's certainly enjoying his motion gaming, this chap, eh?

Read the full interview in Xbox World 360 magazine issue 95, which is out now. Why not buy your copy online and have it delivered to your door?