Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers gameplay preview

Hands-On: It's Tomahawkin' time...

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Similarly the more modern town of Blackwater offers streets, alleyways and rooftops for tactical attacks. For a game mode like Hold Your Own (capture the sack) picking the right route is crucial and defending your teams sack from a high point, or even hiding on a rooftop in the opposition's area can be a real game winner.

Hold Your Own in Tall Trees - the vast, relatively flat woodland that Marston navigates towards the end of his journey - is a different game entirely. Firstly you'll definitely need a horse to get from one end of the map to the other and since there are very few places to hide it's all about co-ordinated team attacks and maybe a fancy formation.

Thieves' Landing hosted a round of Grab The Bag (one bag fought for by two teams) and, in this dank, dingy setting, control of the couple of narrow bridges between both sides will give you a real advantage. Clearing the way from range before making a mad dash for the sack is the way to win.


So what Rockstar's offering with Legends & Killers is a few new tactical slants on the multiplayer's original modes by way of maps that encourage a certain kind of play, that and the unadulterated joy of spinning axes into your mates' legs. The maps do fulfil the objective, the new skins offer some bolts of nostalgia and the Tomahawks are definitely the best fun since dragging someone along the ground with a lasso.

But then comes the matter of the bill. At £7.99 or 800 Microsoft points we start to wonder whether slightly new approaches to old game modes are really enough. Sure there are players out there that will happily shell out for new maps alone; they did for Modern Warfare 2 so they will for Red Dead.

For us though, a new game mode or two would have helped prise our wallets open. Who knows? Maybe the remaining three maps will hit the spot - but right now the price stings like a small axe to the face.

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