Borderlands PC patch reveals new DLC info

New quests, weapons and characters on the way

An intrepid Borderlands player has dug into the 1.3 PC patch and discovered what could be the contents of the next DLC pack.

According to a post by 'Legendrew' on the official Gearbox forums the new DLC will focus on 'the ninja Claptrap', a variant of the common Claptrap robot who has started a Claptrap revolution.

As the player you are tasked with stopping the former robot assassin, all the while fighting off their newly created army of zombie robots.

The DLC looks like it will contain nine new main missions and 12 side missions. Characters such as Marcus, Tannis, General Knoxx and Dr. Ned will be making an appearance.

US retailer GameStop recently let slip on possibility of an updated version of Gearbox shooter, sparking rumors of a new game of the year edition.

[ SOURCE: Gearbox Forums ]