Kinect getting 250GB hardware bundle

Larger-sized bundle spotted on Aussie 4GB package

The box for the 4GB Xbox Kinect bundle in Australia appears to have revealed a 250GB Kinect bundle before MS has officially announced it.

Clearly visible on the side of the box are two bundle profiles, one for the already-expected 4GB package and one for another bundle that includes a 250GB Xbox slim. All other contents of the pack appear to be the same as the 4GB one (so Kinect Adventures is expected to be included), except for a short note for the 250GB pack with says: Hard Drive includes game and demos."

It's not clear if this means Kinect Adventures will be slapped on the hard drive (saving pennies for MS in discs) or if a second game is thrown in with the inevitably more expensive, possibly more hardcore-focused package.

The 4GB kinect bundle, which includes Kinect Adventures, will set you back £249.99 ($300). The standalone SRP for Kinect is £129.99 ($149 in the US; €149 in mainland Europe).

We expect confirmation this week.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]