Splinter Cell Trilogy listed on Amazon

Along with Prince of Persia trilogy for PS3

Sony may have kicked off an industry trend with the God of War and Sly Cooper compilation discs on PS3, because it looks like Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia could be next.

Listings for Splinter Cell Trilogy and Prince of Persia Trilogy have both appeared on Amazon France for PS3. Both are listed as November 2 releases and both cost 39.95 Euros.

There are no further details about the two unannounced compilations except for the obvious confirmation that they come on a Blu-ray disc, but you would assume they will follow suit with the God of War Collection, boasting the three games in each series from the previous console generation, with new HD resolution visuals, trophies and, if you're lucky, support for stereoscopic 3D (like the Sly Collection).

These would come as a nice Christmas treat to PS3 owners who missed out on the joys of Splinter Cell Conviction thanks to its Xbox exclusivity.

All eyes on Gamescon in Germany this week.

[ SOURCE: The Sixaxis ]