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Okamiden gameplay trailer is awesome

Two-and-a-half minutes of sweet gameplay footage

It's all about Okamiden on DS. It sits right at the top of our most anticipated list for DS and if it's not at the top of yours you need to check out this trailer.

You might not have the foggiest idea what's going on because it's all in Japanese, but it really shouldn't matter. It's got Zelda DNA all over it, only with, dare we say, a better-looking world than the DS Zelda games, and some of that adorable Animal Crossing charm thrown in.

It's going to be awesome, and DS fans have their handy stylus to thank for the privilege of getting the sequel on their format as Motohide Eshiro, the game's producer, explained to our friends on the Official Nintendo Magazine.

This video is no longer available

[ SOURCE: GoNintendo ]