Project Icarus reveal date confirmed

Irrational Games to unveil new game on Wednesday

Irrational Games has made a small update to, the teaser site dedicated to Irrational Games' unannounced new title.

Initially was completely black with a small grey blob middle of the screen. The site now has 'August the 12th, At 1:45 PM, Eastern Daylight Time' on it, confirming the big announcement for later this week.

The small grey blob has now become a moving grey blog and, as you may have guessed, its still unclear what the blob is. Although it looks like a planet the shape is a bit odd, as is the chosen colour.

While Project Icarus is still shrouded in mystery, the studio did open the vault on older titles and recently released previously unseen System Shock 2 sketches.

Irrational Games, the studio formerly known as 2K Boston, has developed a loyal fanbase with critically acclaimed titles such Bioshock, System Shock and Freedom Force.