Saints Row 3 'matches GTA IV graphics'

THQ showing serious confidence in sandbox three-quel

THQ has claimed that the graphical prowess of Saints Row 3 will match that of Rockstar's GTA IV.

Speaking in the second half of an exclusive CVG interview, THQ core games boss Danny Bilson claimed that the title is built on "brand new" technology.

When asked why THQ had taken the decision not to release Saints Row 3 until next year, Bilson said:

"Quality. Look at the visual quality of Saint's Row 2. When you see Saints Row 3, it's the visual quality of the GTA IV universe. It goes up there. It still has the wacky, insane stuff. It's going to get really big and really loud in December. And as soon as you see the assets, the gamers will go: 'Oh, I know what they invested in. The technology.'

"The technology is brand new, looks spectacular, still has the fun factor to it - but has all the robust visualisation of any game on the market now. I don't think it was there before. It succeeded spectacularly in its audacity and its fun factor. Now imagine that in a more robust world with more mechanics, too.

Bilson added that there were "all kinds of different bosses and combat" in the game, which he described as "less gangsta" than previous Saints Row titles.