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News has stemmed StarCraft 2 piracy - Blizzard

Benefits provided by online system "reduces the incentives" for pirates, says Blizzard

Blizzard's work on has paid off, it seems, as the developer says it's managing to "reduce the incentives" for pirates, and has helped stem piracy on games it supports, including StarCraft 2.

Michael Ryder, VP and exec MD for Blizzard's international operations, told MCV: "For World of Warcraft we have been able to work well around the piracy issue and we think we'll be able to do the same with StarCraft II."

He went on: "The solution provides several things. It provides better continuity for the players and it gives them a stronger way to participate in an overall Blizzard community.

"But what also goes hand-in-hand with the solution is that we work really hard to offer a tailored, regional business model, so it reduces the incentives to go to a pirated solution."

When first shown off, was promised to be a "powerful and advanced online game service that will power all Blizzard Entertainment titles moving forward."