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James Bond: Blood Stone Pt. 1

We talk to Bizarre about the Bond game with everything

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Movie games aren't the best of games a lot of the time but obviously the Bond franchise has done things right. What makes Blood Stone work as a movie based game (although not tied to an actual movie) and why is it different to others that have failed?
I think the big thing that's happened with this one is that rather than just saying we're talking to the Bond people we said, "Ok we want Daniel Craig's stunt double. He's the only one that's going to be able to do the moves for us."

So we just said, "Can we have these people? Can we have the costume designer to make the costumes look authentic?" And they've delivered for us, EON said, "What do you need? We'll give you Ben Cooke, he's the stunt guy, we'll get you Lindsay Pugh, she's the costume designer, we'll get you Bruce Feirstein he's written the game."

I think as long as that kind of separation - we go to them and we ask them, "How do we make this more cinematic, how do we make this a good movie game?" They're very understanding of us and they know that we're good at making games. As long as you get that balance right; we're good at making games, they're good at making movies and if you don't try and get too involved and try and cross the boarders then you can have a good working relationship.


I think at the end of the day the thing we have in our favour - and it can be a pro or a con - is that we're not going out with a movie so we're not tied to a specific release date, which I'm sure in previous licensed games has lead to a rush in development or changes in the film that can happen very quickly obviously take a long time to change in a game. You can change the final scene in a movie in a few weeks, if you try and change the final level in a game it takes six month.

So we're not tied to a movie, which is good for us because we can have a bit more creative freedom on this. GoldenEye was a movie game originally but didn't come out at the same time as the movie, Everything Or Nothing is probably the second best rated Bond game and that wasn't related to a movie. So I think there is a pattern that if you're not tied to a movie or a release schedule it does give you the freedom to push the boundaries a bit more.

Can you tell us a bit more about Joss Stone? We know Daniel Craig is a video gamer, is she a video gamer and what is her involvement?
I could tell you Joss is a great gamer. I doubt she plays any games to be honest but she's really interested in Bond, from the first time we spoke to her she was really interested in doing this.

Obviously for a singer doing a Bond theme is a big deal. She's done a bit of acting on the movie Aragon, she's been in The Tudors on BBC so she was really interested in doing the acting.

I think having a Bond girl who can also sing our theme tune and having someone as bloody good looking as Joss Stone as well really helps us and she's been really enthusiastic. She's a main character in the game; she plays the main Bond girl in the game so she's quite front and centre.


Can you tell us a bit more about her character?
Yeah well she's a huge part of the game, the Bond girl's a huge part of any Bond experience. She plays a girl called Nicole Hunter, a jewellery designer/socialite by trade but she's also an agent at MI6. Bond meets her early on in the story; she's helping Bond find this missing scientist, which is the main crux of the story.

But she plays a big role in it, she's taking it very seriously, she's done two pretty big voice-over sessions for us, obviously she's done the title track, which is fantastic. She's done full body scans, full photos. She's really been involved as much as she can, she's a very busy girl but she's been brilliant.

What made you decide to approach her for this in the first place?
I think she's got that big winning thing; she's young, she's good looking, she's got a brilliant voice so she can actually do the acting and the theme tune, which as a big boom for us because we can get two birds with one Stone...That's a brilliant pun. I never thought of that before.

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