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James Bond: Blood Stone Pt. 1

We talk to Bizarre about the Bond game with everything

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So yeah she's a really good singer, she's young, she's interested in acting, she's interested in getting involved in the process so she was just a good fit all round really. And obviously looking at the character, we didn't just pluck someone out and plonk her in the character she was the right age and the right kind of temperament, she had the right look so it all fitted together quite nicely.

Would you be happy if people regarded this as a Bond property that stood alone? A lot of things have been spin-offs of films and other sorts of property but everyone keeps talking about this in a way that suggests EON and maybe Activision maybe think of this as something that stands alone.
Yeah I think it does. From Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace there's been a story of Bond becoming a 00 and Bond meeting Vesper and Vesper's revenge and we're thinking of this as Bond's first standalone mission. I guess it's kind of Bond back on his day job not too embroiled in the emotional revenge turmoil and becoming a 00 agent from the previous films.


For us it's quite amazing because it's the first time we've had Bond doing a standalone mission, doing his day job so that's why it kind of feels like a movie to us because it feels like it's Bond getting back to his roots and having a good old fashioned story and a brilliant adventure across the globe.

I think you have to take these things, you know, a videogame is a big deal it's expensive to make, it's expensive to market and publish as you guys know. So they put a lot of money behind making it and they want to put a lot of effort into making sure it stands out. With the film delays it stands out as, hopefully for us, as this year's Bond event, which is great news for us.

Are there fewer constraints with this game not being tied to a Bond film?
There are fewer constraints, we haven't got the set release date, and we haven't got a script that's been developed for a movie that we then have to interpret into a game. The script was written very much for a game from the outset.

But there's still the constraints of the license. We don't want Bond running round murdering people with rocket launchers, he's not that kind of guy, but you accept that when you take the license on you know who James Bond is, what he does. On the flip side, bond has very few constraints, he'll blow things up, he'll bed girls, he'll use brutal take downs.

There's a lot to play with in the Bond franchise so it's not so much being constrained it's how you cram it all in to one game that's the issue.

Look out for the second part of our James Bond: Blood Stone interview later this week.

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