Naughty Dog dev working on ICO-inspired game

Check out pretty sketches of new project

A concept artist at Naughty Dog has shown off the sketches of an 'ICO-inspired' title he is working on with the man behind Flower and flOw.

Eytan Zana displays the images on his blog, where he reveals that he's creating an 'ICO-inspired project I'm doing with my buddy Matt Nava'.


Nava just happens to be art director of thatgamecompany - the studio behind PSN titles Flower and FlOw.

thatgamecompany is currently hard at work on exotic adventure The Journey, whilst Naughty Dog is thought to be beavering on Uncharted 3 - so this seems very much a side project.

The second batch of art on Zana's blog is described as portraying 'some outskirts, an establishing shot, and some platforming areas'.

Zana has been working at Naughty Dog since June.

[ SOURCE: GameGuru ]