Red Dead: Legends & Killers DLC available now

New screenshots show Tomahawkin'

Rockstar's marked the arrival of Red Dead Redemption's latest multiplayer DLC with a batch of new screenshots.

The pack, titled 'Legends & Killers' is available now to download from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

It opens up new maps from the single player campaign, adds characters from Red Dead Revolver into the mix and introduces the Tomahawk Axe into your opponent's skull.

"With Legends & Killers we wanted to provide a wealth of new content for fans of Red Dead Redemption," said Rockstar's founder Sam Houser.

"We took care to pick out areas that were unique and exciting and then polished them to provide the best possible multiplayer experience."

The only problem is Legends & Killers will set you back around £8, which we thought was a bit steep. Read our Red Dead Redemption Legends & Killers preview to get our initial verdict.