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Blizzard back PC gaming

Publisher calls itself 'one of the few great PC developers'

Blizzard has vowed to stick by the PC despite mumblings that the format is losing ground as a games machine.

VP and managing director of international operations at Blizzard Mike Ryder told PCR that there were issues and challenges when developing for PC but his company wouldn't turn its back on the format.

"Its certainly not written off by us. PC development has a number of unique challenges that console developers don't face, but Blizzard is one of the few companies that is there making great PC games," he said, admitting, however, that life would be easier working with consoles along.

"We've spent a lot of time in development focussing on scalability, on new PC hardware and old. If you were just designing for a console it would be a much easier task."

Blizzard is currently working on an MMO, which is a completely new IP and getting a lot of investment according to Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick at the publisher's investor's call last night.