Kane & Lynch 2 review - 85% in GamesMaster

'A gritty and stylish action-game'

GamesMaster's Kane & Lynch 2 review has landed in subscriber's laps today - and it's more good news for the IO shooter.

According to the mag the game is "gritty" and "exciting" and the multiplayer stands out as a "near peerless mix of explosive action and prickly psychological warfare".


The positive review praises the game's unique visual style as "bold and revolutionary" and describes the story as a "grime-encrusted gem told with all the urgency of a Michael Mann movie".

The "unlikely charisma" of Kane and Lynch helps the game along but the the real star of the show is the city of Shanghai, which feels like an "alien and dangerous a place as any distant galaxy."

The review particularly praises the multiplayer, which caused IO the team some problems during development.

The review comes after OXM granted the game a whopping 9/10 score.

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