James Bond: Blood Stone Pt. 2

We talk to Bizarre about Bond and his competition

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I don't think you could fail to be influenced by Uncharted, Uncharted 2 over the last few years if you're making a third person action adventure they are the kind of daddy, we've taken some inspiration from that, obviously they have a different creative way and they go with theirs. We're more constrained in some ways and more serious in others.

Apart from that it's Bond, you're inspired by the Bond films and the Bond books, the adventures are there. There's not too much like that out there. There's Splinter Cell but that's very much a covert black ops kind of thing, Bond's got a bit more humour and it's a little bit more exotic...

I noticed the focused shooting in Blood Stone, does that work in the same way as Splinter Cell Conviction's mark and execute?
Yes when that came out we all had a collective head in hands. So what our focused aim system involves is for every take down Bond does he earns a snap shot aim on the next guy he takes down and it means you can chain kills together. So yeah I knew it was going to look like it was copying them but I don't think it's particularly rocket science in games.


The reason we came up with the system was we had this hand-to-hand combat system and we had the third person shooting. If you have a gamer with a gun in their hands, they'll just shoot everyone regardless of whether you've got a button to take people down.

So we tried to get this feedback loop of encouraging the player to use take downs and if they do that we can give something that makes the shooting experience a bit better. We tried to get that loop of, "Ok if I take down him I can shoot him in a cooler way".

I suspect that's why Splinter Cell used their mark and execute because they wanted players to use the take down system and the shooting together. As I say I don't think it's particularly rocket science but it's a good feedback loop that we've used. Two similar games have come up with two similar ideas, which isn't very surprising in this day and age.

Will you be doing multiplayer?
Yeah we have got multiplayer, 16 player. We're not talking too much about it, we're talking about that later on in the year but it's not just your normal death match and capture the flag, we are doing something different with our multiplayer. 16 players, it's going to have a real sort of spy feel to it. We'll talk about that a bit later.

A Bond game seems like it would lend itself to 3D, is that something we can expect for Blood Stone?
You certainly won't be seeing it in this game at the moment, whether or not that changes in the future I don't know. All the 3D tech came in quite a long way into this so it's really hard to just jump off and move people into looking at something that you don't know a great deal about unless you're first party Sony or Microsoft.

It's exciting technology, it looks fantastic, certainly something we'd like to do in the future but not something you're going to see in this game. I suspect there's a lot of titles in development at the moment, everyone's dead keen to get into 3D but it's a big ask to do it properly.


There're a lot of famous quotes about how you can do 3D well or you can do it on the cheap and I think if we were going to do that we'd want to do a 3D game from the outset.

It's probably a similar sort of answer for things like motion control, Move and Kinect...
Yeah same for that...

Do you think it could be patched in the future? Do you think motion control could lend itself to this kind of game or once it gets too complicated is motion control out?
I think it can, I think what we can't do though is half-way through development start to bring it in. You need to say, "Ok from the ground up, we're going to make this with Kinect or we're going to make this for Wii, you can see with GoldenEye they've obviously built that from the ground up to use the motion controller.

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