James Bond: Blood Stone Pt. 2

We talk to Bizarre about Bond and his competition

Following the part one of our James Bond: Blood Stone interview, here's the second half of our chat with producer Nick Davies.

We ask whether we can expect 3D, Move or Kinect to feature in Bizarre's Bond title and what kind of competition Davies thinks 007 will have to fight off this time around.

Can you go into any more detail about the plot?
Bond is trying to track down a missing British scientist who has mission critical research that MI6 wants back. From there he needs Nicole Hunter's help, she's a socialite who mingles with the rich and powerful of the world so she introduces Bond to the kind of people who can help track this guy down.


That's pretty much all we're going into at this stage, we can sort of tell you that it's globe trotting; we go to Siberia, we go to Istanbul, we go to Bangkok, to Athens, to Burma. It's very land, sea and air as the Bond guys like to say. Bond's parachuting or he's driving or he's in speed boats so it's a big kind of broad adventure.

Tell us about Daniel Craig and Judy Dench's participation in the game.
Daniel's obviously done his likeness and the voice-over, same with Dame Judy, she's done her likeness and her voice over. They feature in all the cinematics all the in-game dialogue is from them.

They haven't done the in-game capture obviously because they're very busy people and I'm sure like me they don't want to jump into catsuits with ping pong balls all over them so we've used Ben Cooke, who's Daniel Craig's stunt double to do the motion capture for that, which is really exciting. So they've been as involved as they can be. They've looked at the game and both think it's fantastic.

When you're working with faces as well known as Daniel Craig's and Dame Judy Dench's, you've got the issue of the uncanny valley. When you're making things like this how do you deal with that? Do you have to go for a caricature?
Yeah we've made our version of Daniel Craig with very accurate scan data, we've worked with the guys at EON to work out how we want Daniel to look in the game. It's a difficult ask, you're often sitting in that uncanny valley.

I think we've achieved it, I think we've managed to make it look like a very vivid, bright, exotic Bond world without it being overly realistic, having a little bit of style to it.

It is very difficult, if you're making your own IP then obviously you get the liberty of creating your own character, how you want people to see it and you want that world to look so it is difficult to have this contemporary world and a character as well known as James Bond.


I'm sure Daniel Craig is probably one of the top 10 or 20 famous faces in the world so it's been tricky but we had a lot of back and forth with approving what the model looks like with ourselves, with EON and Daniel Craig. I think we've arrived somewhere; we've got a pretty stunning representation of Daniel and of Dame Judy as well.

Aside from the Bond films themselves where have you taken inspiration from and where do you see your competition?
The competition is interesting because there's not...Obviously the big game out at the end of the year is Call of Duty: Black Ops so that's a big thorn in everyone's side I imagine.

Inspiration wise, I talked before about Everything Or Nothing, in terms of the Bond inspiration that was a big sprawling adventure that had every kind of gameplay.

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