Final PSM3 Vidzone Playlist is Live!

Wind-down with the Morning After stage set list

It's been a big summer of music on Vidzone, thanks to the PSM3 playlists that have been introduced weekly to celebrate our 'Host Glastonbury on your PS3' feature. The final playlist is now live, so head over to Vidzone now to experience the Morning After stage set-list.

The PSM3 festival channel on Vidzone streamed more than 33,000 plays last week alone, so it's proving incredibly popular. Grab yourself a piece of the action now by logging into or downloading Vidzone via your XMB.

Own trumpet-blowing end. We know the blog hasn't been too active of late (what's new, we hear you say). Apologies for that. We are planning a 'fresh start' for the PSM3 blog, but right now we're on deadline and we're two team members down thanks to holidays. Just don't think we've forgotten about you!

For now, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the new BioShock. In case you haven't heard it's called BioShock Infinite, it's set in the GODDAMN SKY, and it's by original BioShock creator Ken Levine!

Check out the first trailer here.

Have a great weekend.