BioShock Infinite to sell 'just as well as first'

Michael Pachter backs Ken Levine's latest

BioShock Infinite will sell just as well as the original BioShock, despite a radical change in setting, says Wedbush games analyst, Michael Pachter.

"Ken Levine was the lead on the first game, and is the lead on this one. I think he is a brilliant game maker, and think that consumers will recognize that he and the Irrational team are making this game," Pachter told CVG following the announcement.

"I expect it to sell at least as well as the first BioShock, mostly because I think it's likely that an Irrational game will get a review score in the 90s (look at their history)."

On the game's radical change of setting - it now takes place not underwater, but in the sky - Pachter said he reckons the Levine link will mean it doesn't matter to gamers.

"I am not sure if the change of setting will matter at all, if the game is great. It certainly sounds like an original concept, and a quite interesting game (just like the first BioShock), so I expect it to do well."

BioShock Infinite was unveiled last night in a flurry of excitement. See the first BioShock Infinite trailer and an interview with Ken Levine for more.