id explains Doom 4 no-show

Dev holding off until they can show something "really impressive"

id at QuakeCon 2009 said Doom 4 would be revealed at this year's show. It wasn't, but that doesn't mean the game's in trouble. id CEO Todd Hollenshead says the developer's just holding off to show you something "really impressive".

The game is apparently well into development, with a team-and-a-half working on it, but simply wasn't ready to be shown to the public, Hollenshead told Kotaku. "First of all, it really is true that we want to make sure that when we show something it is really impressive and is at the level of blow people away," he said, exampling a three-screen, three platform simultaneous demo of Rage earlier in the show.

He also said the firm didn't want to veer too far into the future, instead choosing to keep the spotlight in Rage.

He also said that Doom 4's being targeted for a simultaneous release on PC, 360 and PS3. "That's absolutely what we're thinking," he said.

Bethesda's Pete Hines claimed earlier this year that Doom 4 will "show the world id's true potential" when it finally hits shelves.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]