Age of Empires Online: 75% of Ensemble vets onboard

You can feel comfortable the team is skilled with AoE, says MS

75% of the Age of Empire Online team are veterans of the series, Microsoft Game Studios GM, Dave Luehmann has claimed.

Speaking to CVG at Microsoft's GamesCom showcase this afternoon, the MGS man promised that developer Robot - founded by ex-Ensembles employees after MS closed the AoE creator - are "skilled" with the series.

"I'd say about 75% of the team have worked on Age of Empires before," he said. "So it's the core team that you can feel comfortable with and who are well skilled with Age [of Empires]."

Ensemble splintered off into various different upstarts following the completion of Halo Wars, which was the studio's last game.

On Microsoft's ambitions for the online game - which was announced this morning - Luehmann said: "I don't have a set number of users but I'm really curious to see how the fans react to it."

In the same interview the Microsoft Games Studios GM said the company is finally looking to "invest" in Windows gaming.