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98% of Bungie now 'not working on Halo'

Studio moving over to Activision project

Ninety-eight per cent of Bungie's employees have now stopped working on Halo and moved over to the studio's new multiplatform project, the developer's told CVG.

Speaking at Microsoft's Gamescom showcase this afternoon, community man Brian Jarrard told CVG that "the vast majority of our studio is forward-facing now."

He said: "At this rate probably 98 per cent of our studio is moving in [on the next project].

"We're going to have a team that's supporting Reach beyond launch obviously and those guys are actively doing stuff now to get matchmaking ready for launch, things like

"We have started full steam ahead for the most part," he continued. "Some people have taken some vacations already or are already coming back.

"This last week we just finished moving the rest of our team into our new building. So brand new office, brand new project... things are already in full motion."

Bungie's next project is of course its "ten year deal" with Activision, which we know little to nothing about.

Halo Reach is out on September 14.