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The PSP2 wishlist

Will we see the 'PlayStation Phone' today?

So Sony's 'PlayStation phone' - or PSP2 - is all set for launch in October, according to reports.

With Sony's history of announcing new hardware at European trade fair Gamescom - which kicked off today - we could be looking at the long-anticipated device's global debut.

So, what would you want from a successor to the humble PSP? Check out our list below and tell us what you think...

The PSP Go abandoned the UMD format in favour of digital and as a result users were limited to downloading games through the PSN Store.

At first, it seemed very forward-thinking, but Sony's post-release support of the PSP Go was (and continues to be) abysmal.

Often, games are released later than their retail counterparts - if at all - and don't reflect the pricing advantages of a digital release. Sony also launched the PSP Minis initiative alongside the Go, but this is still to prove itself as anything beyond a novelty.

For the PSP2 Sony should give digital its full support, instead of segregating the market with two drastically different content delivery methods.

Sony Australia boss, Michael Ephraim, has said that using physical media after the PSPGo would be a 'step back'. Let's hope his cohorts are ready to get behind it if so.

Sony's desire to create a console gaming experience on the go with the PSP was stifled a bit with the lack of a second analogue stick. Games for the PSP are developed to provide gameplay experiences that are comparable to their console counterparts - many of which use a dual analogue stick control scheme.

The lack of a second analogue stick on the PSP meant some games were frustrating for fans playing a PSP iteration of a console franchise, such as God of War.

One of the big changes introduced in the PSP Go was the change in design; the handheld had a sliding screen, allowing the input buttons to have a dedicated space. Although the Go could have accommodated a second analogue stick Sony didn't include one.

We hope Sony listen to the thousands of PSP owners calling out for a second analogue stick and give them what they want with PSP2.

The PlayStation Network as a platform is functional. It isn't ideal, and in comparison to its closest rival, it's a little bit archaic.

Although the PlayStation Store is populated by high-quality content, it's all buried underneath menus which take an age to load. Essential tasks such as patching a game or downloading and installing a update for the PSP require the player to sacrifice a significant chunk of valuable gaming time.

We'd like to see Sony take the opportunity a hardware provides and give the PlayStation Network an overhaul for PSP2.

In addition, PS3 and PSP owners have begged for features such as cross-game invites and Sony has outright ignored these pleas, we'd like to see that change.

This one is simple; Sony is notorious for releasing their hardware at absurd prices and assuming everyone can work two jobs to purchase their latest gaming machine.

We'd like to see the PSP2 take a leaf out of current handheld world champ Nintendo's book - and come out at an affordable price. Hopefully the success of the DS in this area has caught the attention of whoever signs off on pricing at Sony.

Rumours of a collaboration between Sony's gaming and tele-manufacturing arms have been floating about since mobile phones were as big as your forehead.

While Apple has the mobile gaming market cornered, Sony could still achieve success by releasing a piece of multi-functional hardware.

A PSP that also doubles up as a phone has the potential to reach a much broader audience than it would as a dedicated handheld gaming console. It would also allow them to create a more unified service, with minis, PSOne titles and full games alongside 'app' equivalents.

We'd like to see Sony take a shot with a device that can be used as a smart-phone and also provide a more 'traditional gaming experience'. Something, perhaps, like that cryptic SCE trademark 'Playview' suggested all those weeks ago...