Windows Phone 7 gaming to be 'like Xbox'

MS targets console-quality gaming on its new phone OS

Microsoft is gearing up to release the Xbox Live-compatible Windows Phone 7 operating system this year, which hopes to provide a gaming experience "much more like Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade", according to MS exec Kevin Unangst.

Anyone who plays iPhone games will know what a nightmare it can be navigating through the minefield of turd on the App Store before getting to the good stuff.

But games that appear on Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live store will have to pass a rigorous approval process, like on the console-based Xbox Live Arcade. The aim to make it "much more like the Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade portfolio," said Unangst.

While MS says Windows Phone 7 will, in addition to Xbox Live, feature an open store to which anyone can publish games, these games won't be branded with Xbox Live and won't support its features.

"We're going after the best games, regardless of platform; we're working with everybody from the big guys to the small indies. It's the managed portfolio approach, going after the games and the content that matters. No matter where that great gameplay idea comes from, we're proactively finding the best content for the phone," Unangst told Gamasutra.

Also like XBLA on the console, "there will be multiple price tiers, but we are taking a console-like portfolio and pricing approach. There will be lower-priced games and higher-priced games."

Unangst also confirmed "there's a demo built into every game," as is the case on the Xbox, unlike on iPhone where we tend to sift through crappy YouTube reviews of games before committing to a purchase.

MS made a full announcement on Windows Phone 7 and its focus on gaming earlier today.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]