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MS unimpressed with PS3 Mass Effect coup

360 "still the best place to experience Bioware's franchise"

Microsoft has reacted to the news that Bioware's Mass Effect 2 is migrating to PS3 - claiming that 360 "remains the best place to experience the franchise".

EA revealed the news at Gamescom yesterday, following heavy speculation that Bioware was to dump ME2's exclusive status on 360.

In the aftermath, EA has confirmed that the PS3 version of the game will include "hours of bonus content", but that the original game in the planned Mass Effect trilogy won't be appearing on Sony's console - something Microsoft was keen to remind fans.

"With both Mass Effect titles launching first on Xbox 360 combined with the wealth of available paid downloadable content on Xbox Live today, Xbox 360 remains the best place to experience the Mass Effect franchise," MS said in a statement.

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"Mass Effect 1, first published by Microsoft in 2007, will remain exclusive to Xbox 360... the original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive, making Xbox 360 the only place to get the full Mass Effect experience."