Valve: We have PS3 expertise

Studio's staff "big fans of the platform"

Valve is excited to be finally working on PlayStation 3 with Portal 2 - and, despite a patchy history with Sony's system, has told CVG it has a host of devs familiar with the console in its ranks.

Speaking in a chat at Gamescom this afternoon, the studio's Erik Johnson revealed that PS3 veterans at the studio jumped at the chance to get Valve's Source engine up and running on the platform.


He told CVG: "We have a handful of people who have a very strong PS3 background. They worked on a bunch of the early PS3 games and they're big fans of the platform. So they're really excited and jumped immediately at the chance to get Source up and running in Portal 2 on PS3.

"Having Steam on that platform is incredibly valuable to us. In a lot of ways that's the way we define a customer having a good experience, because it's a way that we can keep talking to that customer over time."

Valve's showing off an updated Portal 2 presentation at the Cologne game show, and this morning it announced the sequel's release date and signing of new voice talent.

Look out for the full interview with Erik soon.