Bioware: PS3 Mass Effect 3 a 'good guess'

Third in series looks likely to go multi-platform

Bioware has hinted that the final game in the Mass Effect trilogy may be available on the PlayStation 3, alongside the Xbox 360 and PC.

When asked whether future Mass Effect titles would be appearing on Sony's PS3 Bioware CEO, Dr Ray Muzyka indicated that it would be a "good guess".

We now definitely know that the second game in the series is on its way to Sony's console - thanks to EA's Gamescom conference yesterday. However, the first ME won't be making its way to PS3 any time soon.

"[ME3 on PS3 would] be a good guess, but we haven't announced any details on any future formats or anything, or even formally announced Mass Effect 3 yet, although there's a natural assumption that there will be a Mass Effect 3 as it's a trilogy," he told VG247.

"We've said that and more or less confirmed it, but we haven't announced any details on the product yet, or the platforms."


Muzyka went on to highlight the multi-platform nature of EA as a company, and as a part of EA Bioware aims to embrace the same ethos, further suggesting a Mass Effect 3 would be available for the PS3.

"EA is a company that wants to support different platforms, reach different audiences; we're part of EA and we want to make sure we can embrace that as well. I think we're trying to do that with all of our products, whether it's Dragon Age or Mass Effect."

Microsoft has responded to Mass Effect's multiplatform move, indicating it is unimpressed by the threat from PS3.

[ SOURCE: VG247 ]