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Final Fantasy XIV 360 development 'stopped'

'No plans' to continue development at the moment, says SE

Final Fantasy XIV Xbox 360 development has stopped "for now", Square Enix's senior VP of software development, Hiromichi Tanaka has told CVG.

Speaking at Gamescom today, Tanaka-san didn't hesitate to admit that the problem with FFXIV's 360 development is thanks to failed negotiations over the closed nature of Xbox Live.

He said: "We have no plans at the moment [for FFXIV 360]. We've stopped the development process for now. If the situation changes we'll work on it again, but there are no plans at the moment."

Producer, Sage Sundi admitted Microsoft's strict rule over Xbox Live is the problem.

"That's mostly the problem," he said. "If 200,000 people maybe send an e-mail to Microsoft asking to give us access to the other side of Xbox Live then there's a possibility."

Tanaka-san added: "Our policy is to have a cross-platform system so you'll be able to access the same server regardless of the platform.

"However, if we have to make a 360 version separately that means that's going to cost more manpower and that can bring delays to the game. So we just want to stick to our MMO design of the same game on the same servers."

Will an MMO (that doesn't end up costing 60 quid in subs fees) ever make it onto Xbox 360?

Final Fantasy XIV is out on PC next month, with the PS3 version following early next year.