Xbox Live ditches MS Points on Windows Phone 7

Purchases made using real money, thankfully

We'll be honest with you; we effing hate Microsoft Points. But thankfully we won't have to deal with them when buying Xbox Live games for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

We think proprietary currencies do nothing but disguise real monetary expense and create confusion. Plus the irregularity between the price of games and the quantities of points that can be purchased means you always have that annoying last few hundred points sitting there, only good for buying crap avatar t-shirts you don't want or boosting MS's bank balance.

But according to Joystiq, when you purchase XBL content on Windows Phone 7 you'll be given the choice to either pay the exact amount in REAL MONEY (presumably with a credit/debit card) or charge the cost of your purchase to your monthly bill. Not a pesky MS Point in sight.

Windows Phone 7 is the new upcoming mobile OS from Microsoft which will contain Xbox Live functionality and games - something MS considers a significant gaming platform for the company.

Now how about scrapping MS Points for the Xbox altogether, Microsoft?

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]