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Super Scribblenauts screenshots reveal new objects

Solve puzzles with a Galapagos Giant Tortoise

A Galapagos Giant Tortoise, a jukung boat, a vaudeville theatre and Ra, the god of the sun. These are just some of the new objects you'll be able to summon in Super Scribblenauts and you can see them in our gallery of new screenshots below.

As with the original, Maxwell solves puzzles by writing words with the DS stylus to summon objects but Super Scribblenauts' dictionary is bigger than ever and some of these new screenshots show off many of the things you'll be able to use on your adventure.

As well as those mentioned above you can also use a railgun, a toboggan and a children's jungle gym to help you through. Of course, you can add your own spin to an object by using advectives to alter its colour, size and appearance.


Check out the new screenshots in the gallery below. When you're done, here's the new Super Scribblenauts trailer for your viewing pleasure.