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EA boss 'feels bad' for closed APB dev staff

EA expected mediocre review scores, admits EA Partners boss David DeMartini

EA Partners boss David DeMartini has said news of the turbulence at APB developer Realtime Worlds is "sad all the way around" and he feels "bad for everybody on that team".

Realtime Worlds has confirmed that several staff have been made redundant following "restructuring" measures, and although the studio is yet to officially close, its reported to be seeking a buyer to take over the studio.

This follows the release of the studio's not-so-well received MMO. According to DeMartini, EA expected the mediocre reviews. "We did suggest that where it landed from a review score standpoint was where we thought it was going to land from a review score standpoint," he told GI,biz.

He suggests the game could have done with more development time, but that was too costly. "Everybody thinks that they should have just hung onto it a longer time, but 300-400 people cost a lot on a monthly. I don't know the specifics of their situation but you need to have financial backing in order to have your enterprise up and running, so it certainly wasn't our decision."

He later commented: "I feel bad for David [Jones], I feel bad for everybody on that team. It's not the outcome that they wanted.

"300-400 people are now going to be working somewhere else, have their lives uprooted, their families are in a bit of turmoil right now as they try and catch on with another games company. It's just sad all the way around."