EA: FIFA is 'clearly superior' to PES

EA confident on continuing to grow market share against Konami

EA's European boss Jens Uwe Intat is feeling confident about its FIFA franchise in its battle with Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer, saying it's a 'clearly superior' in this generation.

"FIFA has been over the last couple of years on an excellent path and we continue to grow market share against Konami," he told MCV, adding, "That's a result of EA choosing to work on fewer, bigger titles."

PES had the upper hand in the PS2/Xbox era, but that's "clearly" not the case now, adds Intat. "Our games just get better and better - we have a clearly superior product to Konami, which I think wasn't the case in the previous generation."

"Consumers - and even journalists - have come to understand this and the improvements we make; that all adds up to building market share there."

FIFA 11 is due out in UK on October 1 (Sept 28 in US), clashing horns with PES 2011 releasing on October 8, and in US on Oct 5. Check out the recent FIFA 11 GamesCom trailer here.

CVG's FIFA 11 review will be here a week before the game's out.