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New DDR uses PS Move, trailer

First shots and trailer of Konami's Move-powered DDR game

As longstanding fans of the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) series, we didn't know what to make of a DDR game that uses the handheld Move motion controller, until we saw what Konami is delivering with this one.

According to the developer: "DanceDanceRevolution maintains its use of the dance mat controller, as players match on-screen arrows with the corresponding foot actions on the mat, but takes the dancing elements to all new heights as players are charged with using their entire body to match additional screen markers during the course of a track."

It goes on: The combination of mat and PlayStation Move means that actions from both the upper and lower body are now registered, with areas of the screen indicating when they must be touched."


How does it work? As you hyper-stomp your way through the stream of traditional arrow patterns, you will be prompted to wave the Move through areas on the screen, no doubt making you look even more like a camp acrobat dancer than ever before.

You'll also be able to press buttons on the Move controller to change up the visuals on the screen - a nice bonus effect. And with the PS Eye on board you can see and record yourself dancing away, and upload your tomfoolery to the internet, because making an idiot of yourself on the interweb is all the rage nowadays.

New modes in the game include Dance Off, which has players taking turns to dance and rack up scores, and Club mode, which has hardcore players going at it marathon style through four to 20 songs, or non-stop if you're not worried about arthritis in the knees.

It's out in Q1 2011, and here are shots and a trailer. Feel that music. It's going to be f-ing ACE.