Sonic Colours power-up detailed

What can the hedgehog do this time?

Sonic has got another new power-up for his new Wii adventure Sonic Colours. It's called the Pink Wisp and it gives him the ability to stick to the walls. At least it doesn't turn him into a werehog...


The Pink Wisps has spikes but they are stronger than Sonic's and when he absorbs this power-up he will be able to stick to the walls and ceilings. You can see how it works in the new screenshot gallery.

The Pink Wisp is just one of four power-ups that have been announced for the game so far. The Orange Wisps enable him to blast into the air, the Blue Wisps help him bounce off the walls while the Yellow Wisps allow him to drill beneath the surface. You can read more about his other power-ups in ONM's Sonic Colours preview.

Sonic Colours will be released for Wii and DS on November 15. The game sees Sonic using these power-ups to take on Dr Eggman who has opened up a theme park in space, using the Colour Power of these Wisps to help fuel it.