Kane & Lynch 2: Where's cheapest?

We round-up the UK deals

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days hits shelves today as the criminal duo return for more gratuitous violence and naughty words.

But, as always, the gaming goodness doesn't come cheap - so we've rounded up a bunch of online and retail prices so you can see the lay of the land.

As we reported yesterday, Sainsbury's has earned the right to claim the cheapest price, offering Dog Days for just £32.99.

Next up is, which is flogging the title for just under two quid more.

Closely following are its online rivals The Hut and Amazon with price tags of £34.93 and £34.99 respectively.


Elsewhere in cyberspace Play falls short with a not quite so impressive £36.99.

In the real-world Argos offer the cheapest price of £35 with GAME and Asda falling in very closely to eachother at £37.99 and £37.97 respectively.

Tesco lags behind at £39.70 but Gamestation demands the most paper, selling Dog Days for £40.

That's a round-up of some of the biggest names offering straight prices. If you find any better deals, bundles or trade-ins, let us know in the comments section below.