CVG: The week's best comments

Laugh. Reader. Us. Make. Rearrange.

My editor's a schmuck. Yeah, you heard me. A schmuck.

There he is willy waving about how massive CVG is and he goes and leaves off some Comment Of The Week staples from his 'cheers, forumites' list. The schmuck.

Where was comedy king Kimoak? Whisper-quiet SilentBob293? Divinely sarcastic Dorian? What about mogel94, Triffic, khr0nik, Roynluc, ParmaViolet, Moorpheus, Moribundman, thedriffter50 and the rest?

Nowhere, that's where. I feel for you, folks. Hell, I'm reprezentin'.

So, Tim. I'm calling you out. Respect thy Comment Of The Weekers or they shalt rise up and scorch thee. Schmuck.

One more thing: Can I have a raise please boss?

Oh, here are the funnies...

Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 release date confirmed

... sports games need to drastically improve themselves in certain areas before I will consider getting them, that said I will be getting Fifa 11, NHL 11, Madden 11, EA MMA, whatever the eff they call the basketball game this year and potentially this.
When Nathanthenarc says he's not going to do something, he's not going to do it. Or he's going to do it. He's very strict about that.

Sony has 'balls' - Cage

Sony has balls and ms's got micro & soft.
We think yourmumwasfun means a micro p*nis. But they're just too coy to say.'

Mafia 2 branded 'racist nonsense'

Take two should be worried. They might wake up with a horses head in their bed.
WHERESMYMONKEY makes a comment we can't refuse.

majestictwelve wants to give peace a chance. And mockery.

That's funny. Funny like a clown.
FlimFlam has had enough of these pesky cheap gags. Oh, sorry. These Pesci cheap gags.

*Heads to Wikiquote to find various Gangster film quotes*
Beaten to the punch by his peers on the classics, GTCzeero retreats to more esoteric reference points.

Clearly not his Dolmio day then.
Stroypa takes things in a saucy new direction.

Fox News takes aim at Medal Of Honor Taliban controversy'

EA marketing team: Job done!
StoneColdMC knows a PR stunt when he sees one. Also, first!

Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 cover wrestlers announced

who cares, TNA rocks

TNA Sucks!

Now, now martinawatson and HITMANBAZZA . There's surely only one way to settle this...

David Beckham named EA Active 2 ambassador

He's less talented than his coatstand wife.
You a Liverpool fan by any chance, TheCrimsonFenix (Felix)?

Don't diss Beckham, for a simpletom he has achieved a hell of a lot more than most footballers his age.
We're sure he appreciates that, mogel94.

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