Valve rubbishes Linux Steam rumours

But studio is in love with Mac

Valve has taken a Left 4 Dead-style shotgun to rumours that it is working on a Linux compatible version of its Steam platform.

The studio is opening Steam up in terms of formats this year - promoting Steamworks on PS3 and transferring the service to Mac.

However, the firm has quashed any suggestion that it may be looking at another windows rival.

When asked if it was working on a Linux version of the digital game sales platform, Valve's Doug Lombardi told

"There's no Linux version that we're working on right now."

It doesn't get much more comprehensive than that, folks.

However, Lombardi was very excited about Steam on Mac - predicting that 2011 will see lots of games released simultaneously on PC and Apple's rival format.

He added: "People are looking at their titles for this holiday and saying 'a Mac version would screw with my schedule or I'd have to ship it late. Neither of those is super-desirable. But the titles that I have in Spring of 2011 or in holiday of 2011, let's have a discussion and let's see those numbers and start to figure it out.'

"So that's when folks can really start to see the advent of simultaneous releases on new Mac releases really start to kick in, now that the foundation has been laid this year if you will. You'll see some new releases coming in 2011 - including our own one, Portal 2."